Open House - Portland, Maine

ABC, Inc. held our first Open House in South Portland, Maine on October 8th, 2015. The event was open to any families and professionals that would like to learn about ABA and ABC, and included:
  • An introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • An opportunity to meet and greet: Dr. Joseph Morrow, Phd, BCBA-D President and Co-Founder; Brenda Terzich-Garland, MA, BCBA Vice President, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer; and Mari Ueda-Tao, MA, BCBA Associate Chief Clinical Officer
  • Information on the ABA in-home and center-based services that ABC provides, as well as workshops and consultation

October, 2015

ABC Speaker at Autism Speaks event

Jill Mullin - Regional Coordinator for ABC Maine and author of Drawing Autism spoke at the Autism Speaks event held in Portland - Maine.

April 2015

News 10

Our very own Brenda Terzich-Garland featured on News 10. Watch the video.

October 13, 2014

ABC's Scholarship

We are proud to announce the 2014 ABC Scholarship to CSU, Sacramento student Kim Magat. Congratulations Kim!

October 13, 2014

Unsolicited Testimonial

Review the best news we can announce, an unsolicited testimonial from a parent for the Central valley region.

October 13, 2014

Portland, Maine

ABC is providing ABA services in Portland, Maine - starting November 2014

June 2014

Conference in Portugal

Brenda Terzich-Garland and Mari Ueda-Tao visited Portugal in July 2014. Mrs. Brenda Terzich-Garland presented on the Functional Analysis of Play

June 2014

Autism Speaks

ABC, Inc. participated in the "Walk Now For Autism Speaks" at Raley Field - Sacramento

November 2013

Insurance Paying for ABA

ABC is now an insurance provider for ABA treatment for several insurances. As of 1/31/12, Blue Shield has reached an agreement to pay for ABA treatment for individuals with Autism prior to bill 946 passing

November 2012


Joseph Morrow and Brenda Terzich-Garland presented the workshop "Identifying Myth and Facts of ABA in the Treatment of Autism" in Portugal.

ABC Philippines

Brenda Terzich-Garland was present at the grand opening for the ABC Philippines Center.

April 2013

ABC Singapore

ABC Singapore's first graduation and ceremony Nov. 2011: Picture here and link to the site. View Unsolicited Testimonial here, and Unsolicited parent feedback here.

November 2011

ABC Singapore

Brenda Terzich-Garland and Mari Ueda-Tao visited ABC Singapore.

June 2011


Joseph Morrow presented ?Recent ABA Research in Autism Treatment? in Wuhan, China.

March 2011


Mari Ueda-Tao and Kristen Silliman presented a workshop in Ethiopia


History and Philosophy of Applied Behavior Analysis

Joseph Morrow presented a paper on the History and Philosophy of Applied Behavior Analysis at Lille France, Vienna Austria and Singapore



ABC, Inc. presented a workshop on ABA principles in Portugal.

March 2009


Hui Ling Loh, presented a workshop in Wuhan, China.

September 2009

New Program

Steven Richardson established in–home programs for 8 families in Bucharest, Romania

September 2008

Initiative in China

Joseph Morrow met with University officials in Wuhan, China concerning the establishment of a BCBA program

October 2008

Lecture in Portugal

Joseph Morrow presented a lecture on ABA history and philosophy at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal

September 2008

Press Publication in Romania

Joseph Morrow has an in press publication on the History and Philosophy of Applied Behavior Analysis in the Romanian Journal of Special Education.

September 2008

ABAI Workshop

ABAI President William Heward presented a one day workshop on principles of teaching at the Sacramento campus of ABC, Inc.

July 2008


Brenda Terzich, Mari Ueda-Tao and Natalie Preston were in Iceland establishing an ABA program for a child with autism, as well as exploring the possibility of opening an ABA school for children with Autism


ABAI Conference

Robyn Matsumoto, Rebecca Akroyd, Mari Ueda-Tao and Phyllis Williamson presented a data based paper on teaching language to infant-toddlers with autism at the ABAI Conference on Autism