Our Tribute to the Giants of ABA
The founder and Darwin of our field is B. F. Skinner, and hence our first building was named Skinner Hall.

When we added a second building we named it Keller Hall after Skinner’s associate Fred Keller.
During graduate school and for several years after, Skinner and Keller were the only functional behaviorists in Psychology. Keller went on to make important scientific contributions in the field, especially with respect to teaching.

We are naming our third building Michael Hall after Jack Michael, who has made numerous important contributions to the field.
Dr. Michael and his students are primarily responsible for the research on Verbal Behavior and the production of the Journal of the Analysis of Verbal Behavior, which is now over 30 years old and is still going strong. Furthermore, Dr. Michael is primarily responsible for creatively elaborating our understanding of Motivation. His work on Motivating Variables has set the standard for the effective application of behavioral principles in the analysis of behavior. Without his work, our field would be clearly less effective. We remain grateful to him.