Our Results

Consistent with over 40 years of scientific data from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, ABC Inc. finds that all children in our care make progress with ABA.

  • 100% of children in our program are effectively communicating their wants and needs within one year, either vocally and/or by PECS, and sometimes ASL (American Sign Language) or other types of language assisted devices.
  • 90% are eventually transitioned to either a mainstream or special education school.
  • If ABA is started at an early age, a significant number is transitioned to attending regular school with same age peers

Some results can only be described as spectacular. Consistent with the findings of Ivar Lovaas, Patricia Krantz, Lynn McClannahan and others, we find that some of our students can attend regular education classrooms with same age peers. "In the first four years of providing school services ABC had nine students who came to us before the age of four years and one month who reached this criterion and were placed in regular education programs without supports. They continue to succeed in those placements." Our in-home programs show similar outcomes.

While several of our intensive in-home clients have become indistinguishable from same age peers, we are currently analyzing these datum for a more objective analysis.

The amount of gain that a child makes from the age the child starts the IT program, until they reach age 3 can be seen on the Outcome Research Posters.
Our Research