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Applied Behavior Analysis, also known as ABA, is the theoretical foundation that underlies all of ABC’s clinical practices and educational development.

All services are funded by regional centers, school districts (non-public school/agency certifications), insurance or private pay.

Services ABC provides

Center-Based Services

This is a 1:1 ABA program for children between the ages of 24 months and 6 years, 6 months with a diagnosis of autism or ASD.

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ABC Schools

This program concentrates on planning and teaching generalization from the very start lesson designed from child's Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

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In-Home Services

This program is for a child with autism or ASD between the ages of 24 months and 6 years of age. The overall goal is to prepare for integration into school.

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Community-Based Services

ABC offers behavioral services to parents, Community Care Facilities (CCF), and schools.

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Web Consultation

This remote consultation allows us to consult with individuals who cannot physically come to our office/schools to receive ABA services.

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Meeting the educational needs of children with Autism/ASD is challenging due to severe learning impairments that affect their ability to communicate, socialize, play, and be a part of the community. Planning an effective educational treatment program requires a proactive, collaborative approach and ABC believes that this is best accomplished by all team members working cooperatively together (ABC, Inc. parent(s), school district, regional center, etc.).

Every child’s ABA program starts with a comprehensive functional assessment including an in depth analysis of his or her language repertoire. Development and progression of the child’s curriculum includes teaching generalization during the acquisition of skills and concepts guided by ABC’s R.E.A.L. (Recreating Environments to Accelerate Learning; Terzich, 1996) program. The focus of intervention is mainly on those deficits that impede the child’s ability to engage in purposeful language interactions with others. ABC subscribes to language programs consistent with Skinner’s Verbal Behavior book, allowing more effective acquisition of repertoires that develop language such as, mands (requests), play and social behaviors (initial programming components). Once the child masters a broad spectrum of skills and concepts, the focus of intervention is bridging them in the child’s natural learning environment. The goal is to teach the child more complex repertoires to enhance his/her quality of life and participate in the real world socially and adaptively.

All transitions from intensive ABA intervention (school or home) to public school classrooms are done collaboratively and systematically over agreed timelines for a successful and effective transition. Behavioral support is provided through ABC’s NPA services, as needed, in the child’s new educational environment.

The Behavior Analysts and Teachers on ABC's staff all have University degrees and academic training in Applied Behavior Analysis. Additionally, ABC has a comprehensive Continuing Education Program and an extensive supervision structure which includes PhD’s, licensed Psychologists, as well as Board Certified Behavior Analysts.