In-Home EIBT Program

The In-Home Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment (EIBT) program is for a child with autism or ASD between the ages of 24 months and 6 years of age. This is a language-based ABA program, individually designed for each child. Every child’s program enables critical language skills, functional activities, socialization, initiation, spontaneity and generalization of mastered skills. All language is taught from a behavior analytic perspective guided by what is developmentally appropriate. The overall goal is to prepare for integration into school.

  • Functional Skills Program (FSP) is for a child who needs intervention to meet the functional and adaptive living needs in-home and community life. ABC, uses a combination of functional skills and communication training, generalization, establishment of structured routines in conjunction with developing and implementing behavior plans to reduce or eliminate problem behavior. Children diagnosed with autism/ASD, ADHD, and any other impeding learning or behavioral disorders are appropriate.
  • Social-Functional Skills Program (SGP) gives parents the skills necessary to identify their child’s social and functional skills deficits in the home and community, target interfering behavior problems and to create plans to effectively address these issue. A secondary function is to fade out tutors as the parents gain and generalize mastery over ABA principles and teaching techniques.