ABA Intervention in the Treatment of ADHD/ODD

ABA Intervention in the Treatment of ADHD/ODD and other associated behavioral or neurological disorders such OCD, Tourette’s and Anxiety disorder.

  • ABA is appropriate for your child if he does not respond to typical discipline in the home or school. His/her defiance and lack of ability to follow rules is excessive beyond what is socially acceptable and typical consequences or general reward programs, helpful with most children, are ineffective. ABA allows us to analyze how these behaviors are effected by environmental conditions such as ecological factors, instructional routines, family/social expectations, competing stimuli and motivating operations. Based on this analysis, a comprehensive functional behavior assessment is written delineating the behavior deficits/excesses interfering with the child's overall functioning and a detailed treatment plan on how to remediate them.
  • Pharmacological intervention may be necessary to help the child respond more effectively to ABA treatment when the behaviors are more severe or the child has other health and biologically based psychiatric conditions (acute or chronic). When such health conditions exist, ABA treatment can be compromised and may not result in long-term behavior changes without including pharmacological intervention as prescribed by a physician.