Webcam Consultation

Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc.'s mission is to provide cutting edge Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services with compassion for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to enhance the quality of their life. Through our mission, we have the ability to provide ABA services through web cam consultation. This remote consultation allows us to consult with individuals who cannot physically come to our office/schools s to receive ABA services.

ABC believes the ideal situation to supervise, monitor and develop a client program, is regular face to face contact where our Behavior Consultant can observe the client's behavior and the activities of the therapists and offer appropriate feedback and direction. However, this may not be feasible at times, due to time, distance and financial constraints. In those cases we can do video consultation.


In order to provide this service, individuals need to have the following equipment:

1. Web Camera - Many laptops come with this standard feature. You can also purchase one at any computer/electronics store.

2. High Speed Internet - Web cam consultation requires high speed internet connection. Please check with your current provider to see if it is capable for streaming live web cam sessions.

3. Internet Program - The individual needs to have Skype or Gmail Video Chat or any other video chat provider which allows for web cam consultation.

This requires the ability to use Skype or some similar technology that would allow the observation of the client and therapists and interaction with our Behavior Consultant. Additionally, the only other technical requirements would be the ability to transmit data and video to the Consultant. We have done this with You Tube and file sharing programs. The specifics of what technology to use would be worked out in an initial interaction. All services ensure security on information shared in these video format options.


The typical structure of ABC's web cam consultation session is to conduct a brief assessment of an individual's behavior deficits or excesses as they relate to the individual's daily routines. Specific goals will be targeted. Hands on implementation will be reviewed during the web cam sessions and the Behavior Consultant will provide feedback in regards to the overall progress made by the team. Troubleshooting questions could also be answered throughout the web cam session. Follow-up meetings will be scheduled in accordance to our overall recommendations.

Consultation hours may range from 2-15 per calendar month, depending on what the contracting party is interested in and what clinical recommendations are made. ABC offers an initial assessment, intervention consultation, follow-up training, and indirect consultative services. All of these fees will be charged at an hourly rate.

Initial Assessment: approximately 2 to 3 hours with general intervention recommendations

Intervention Consultation: approximately 1.5 to 5 hours weekly with on-going data requirements and analysis, lesson development and progression recommendations and trouble shooting

Follow-up Training: generally 1 to hours long and recommended at least every 2 months to ensure the quality of service delivered

Indirect Services: individualized to meet client needs


Fees for all services: $100 per hour

Consideration in fees:

Should you prefer to have direct (face to face) ABA Services that would include a Functional Assessment with written program recommendations, Initial Workshop Training, Program Development and Webcam Follow-up Consultation please contact also contact Mari Ueda-Tao. This programming alternative will result in a reduction of fees for follow-up consultation fees.

BCBA and BCaBA Supervision Hours:

ABC typically provides supervision hours to persons for experience counting towards their BCBA or BCaBA requirements as an employee of ABC. However, certain exceptions can be made when conflict of interests are not an issue. Hence our preference is to refer the putative supervisee to other vendors of such services.


If you are interested in any of our webcam consultation services, please contact Dr. Woan Tian Chow, at (909) 484.2848 x 15 or at


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