Our vision is nothing less than to ‘behavioralize’ the world. This means to continually spread the powerful technology of ABA, consistent with our resources, as long as there are persons whose lives can be improved with this body of knowledge.

Our Visionary Path

Our vision as a company providing ABA services is to set an example and be a standard of excellence in the delivery of those services. 

We have been fortunate to have meaningfully interacted with many of the giants of our field, including Dr. Skinner himself. 

As we continue our current interaction with the field, we feel an obligation to excel in our training of staff, and in the delivery of services that is on the forefront of behavioral knowledge. 

We envision the expansion of this cutting edge knowledge and skills to regions and countries wherever we can place competent trained behaviorists who can comport with our vision and goals. 

  • Our vision includes expanding the services provided and the populations served through the science of Behavior Analysis. 
  • Our vision includes expanding on the number of countries and locations we presently serve. 
  • Our vision includes continuing our overseas work on a break-even financial plan and, where affordable, a pro bono basis, in partnership with committed individuals there.

Finally, let us emphasize that we have the privilege of impacting the lives of those families whose world has been deeply effected by their child’s disability, be it autism or some other disorder. We are able to improve the lives of those children, and hence the families that we work with, because of the powerful technology of ABA derived from a science of behavior. In so doing, we enhance our own lives and positively contribute to all of humanity.

“Any slight advance in our understanding of human behavior which leads to improved practices in … [ABA] will eventually work for the good of billions of people.”

B.F. Skinner, 1959