Casey Holton / MS/BCBA


Mrs. Casey Holton holds a Masters of Science degree in Special Education. Her thesis focused on coping strategies for the siblings of children with Autism. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and she has prior clinical experience working with children on the autism spectrum as an implementer and consultant. 

Mrs. Holton’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology emphasized formal and practicum experience in individual/family dynamics adding to her clinical skills to work within challenging family issues. Her background also includes providing behavior consultation services for populations with intellectual disabilities and other behavioral disorders. Additionally, she has presented her research on the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at national conferences. 

Mrs. Holton has provided ABA treatment since 2008. In 2009, she joined ABC, Inc and held positions as a Behavior Consultant, a Senior Behavior Consultant, and a Program Manager, prior to becoming a Director. As a Director, she interfaces with a variety of funding sources, including insurance companies, to facilitate the delivery of ABA services. She provides training to staff and parents on a wide variety of ABA topics including functional behavior assessments, verbal behavior, lesson development/programming and behavior intervention plans. Ms. Holton works with individuals with various intellectual disabilities across diverse age groups, in the home, school and residential care homes. She directs individual and group trainings for new staff members and assists in overseeing the implementation of these services.

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