Adult Day Program
ABC, Inc.’s programs are designed with the end goal of transitioning the patient into the least restrictive environment possible. 

The Adult Center Based Services is designed to be an intensive intervention lasting no more than 6 months to one year. All transitions from intensive ABA intervention are done collaboratively and systematically over agreed timelines for a successful and effective transition. Behavioral support may be provided through ABC’s NPA services, as needed, in the patient’s new educational environment. 

ABC, Inc. strongly encourages and facilitates the process for parents and/or caregivers to become involved in the maintenance and generalization process for the patient from the very beginning. Parental/Caregiver involvement in generalizing and building routines in your home is a key factor in maintaining and expanding upon the patient’s skills after program ends. Patients will be individually assessed in their home, other programs and on site. Based on this assessment, a program will be created by the Behavior Consultant to address the specific needs of the patient. Throughout the assessment process, identified deficits and interfering excesses are targeted for treatment and intervention. Tutors, typically employed by ABC, Inc., will work with the patient as directed by the Behavior Consultant. The Behavior Consultant will monitor the overall program and conduct team clinic meetings with all tutors and, when applicable, at least one parent or caregiver. 

ABC Inc.’s Adult Center Based Services will take place on ABC’s campus. Program hours will typically be Monday through Friday, 3:30-6:30pm.