Consultation Services for Vocational Programs

ABC, Inc.'s consultation services for Vocational Programs include:

  1. developing and maintaining individual proactive behavior intervention programs and procedures for each consumer;
  2. working with the regional center liaison/program manager, consumers, residential staff/care providers, parents, administrators, day program staff and the Director of the day program as an Interdisciplinary Team Member, soliciting information from all available team members when assessing individual program needs;
  3. training day program staff to properly implement behavior intervention and training programs in the setting in which the behaviors occur;
  4. spending time at community training sites;
  5. assisting in the assessment of the rate of individual targeted behaviors;
  6. writing and developing ISP/IPP (Individual Service Plan/Individual Program Planning);
  7. participation in IPP meetings with staff and assisting Administrator in keeping IPP objectives current;
  8. being an active participant in the troubleshooting of program plans and scheduling consultation visits as needed.